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ROCK Surveyor

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ROCK Planimetrics Scales

LiDAR Services PNW 3D model.jpg

ROCK 3D Modeling

Superior Accuracy

A DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and Contours allow you to get accurate insight into the ground topography. The first step in creating these accurate deliverables is to classify the ground using the ROCK Cloud AI Engine.

Once the ground is accurately determined, then a DEM and contours can be generated. Contour lines are delivered in the most popular formats so you can import into any CAD or GIS software packages. Additionally, you can view the contours right on the ROCK Cloud!


  1. Ground Classified laz file

  2. SHP file containing geometry data

  3. DBF attribute format file

  4. SHX shape index file

  5. DEM in TIF format

  6. Accuracy Report (Business Plan)

Superior Detail


ROCK Planimetrics combines superior artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quality control to create highly accurate planimetric deliverables. Additionally, you are able to select and pay for specific areas of your dataset so you are paying for only the acreage you need!


Anything from Paved roads to curbs to building footprints, planimetrics deliverables provide you with insight of your project area with impressive levels of detail.


Select between 1"=20', 1"=40', or 1"=100' to determine the level of detail you require.

Superior Depth


We produce survey-grade 3D models of you project site. Whether that be a bridge, a dam, forest land, or a building, we combine façade with NADIR scanning on our UAVs to get every nook and cranny.

3D models are provided in a secure web application accompanied with effective tools to analyze your site. Both the Surveyor & Planimetrics deliverables are often coupled with the 3D Model and can be downloaded directly from your project web application.  

Deliverables provided:
Raw LAS files
Colorized Point Cloud (.laz/.las)

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